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Face Desrochers

You guys are so good!
I have a rosemary bush too because G and I can't have a christmas tree ever since the battle royale that was christmastreegate '07. That shit ended with me hysterical, holding a hand axe.


I'm so glad you have a tree!! And it looks beautiful. We used to have to bring ours back down from Visalia because LA peeps want to charge $85 for a 4 foot WHAT? Our 8 foot tall monster this year? $17. LOVE Portland.


look at you all glammed up in your, no doubt, armani robe. does armani make robes? we've had our fake but real in our hearts tree up for a few weeks. yours in quite lovely. santa will love seeing it. where's the mistletoe? :)

Cameron Otto

How pretty!! I'm so happy for you and your beautiful tree.

ps- your new place looks huge!

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